title: Gleb Amankulov: Novel of Circulation
category: catalogue
published in: Unfreezing the Scene, Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2022
publisher: Kunsthalle Wien


‘Hynek Gottwald sofa, 2 coffee tables, Tonelli designer glass TV table, large wall shelf, u-brackets, Art Deco table, newsstand cart, suction-cup training device, Richard Wagner letter opener, Soviet Union sash, glass record player stand…’

This is a fragment of a much longer list of items that Gleb Amankulov preselected for his exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien. The Minsk-born and Vienna-based artist regularly scours thrift stores, online auction sites, streets and apartments, in search of items that attract him, which he then incorporates into his assemblages and installations. A closer look at his list reveals a proclivity for furniture and objects suffused with an aura of historicity, whose forms, ornaments, or materials hark back to a specific moment in time and to that time’s politics of taste...


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