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Expectation and reality

a workshop and publication

with contributions by Henrike Altes, Charlotte Caroux, Gabriel Guevara, Lars Den Hertog, Kalkidan Hoex, Sam Janssen, Alicja Melzacka, Martijn Oerlemans, Elli Ott, Eylem Polat, Luisa Suigapov, Clara Sophia Uerlichs

designed by Sam Janssen
collectively edited by the participants of the workshop
published by Maastricht Acadey of Fine Arts and Design

The publication was produced in conjunction with the workshop 'art (and) writing' that took place in May-June 2019, at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. The participants were the students of the Master Artistic Matters. The workshop was developed and moderated by Alicja Melzacka.

Through the format and content of the publication, we wanted to emphasise the open-ended character of the project, where the texts are not seen as the workshop's outcome but as yet another step in the process of thinking about one's own work, a step which can be repeated indefinitely.